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Cheap DVLA Number Plates

DVLA Personalised Number Plates

Private Number Plates boasts more than 56 million DVLA plates for customers to choose from and our stock is continuing to grow. This means that we can provide private DVLA registrations for a wide range of budgets, while the process is simple; just type your ideal reg into our ‘Find a Number Plate’ search bar and we’ll see if yours is available, and if not we’ll even provide you with a list of comparable alternatives.

There are various styles associated with private number plates, including the present style, prefix, suffix and dateless and the examples below show each of the styles in detail. 

Present Style Registrations

A present style DVLA reg will begin with two letters, it is then followed by a two-figure number also known as the age identifier, and it’s completed by a space and three letters.

Prefix DVLA Number Plates

A DVLA prefix registration contains the age identifier at the beginning, so it will begin with a letter, one to three numbers, a space and then three final letters.

Suffix DVLA private plates

A suffix registration is slightly different once more, and it will include the age identifier at the end of vehicle reg. There will be three letters to begin with, a space, one to three numbers once more and then it is completed by one letter.

A Dateless DVLA Registration

Dateless DVLA plate is quite rare because it does not include an age identifier. It only consists of a number combination followed by a letter combination and this works both ways round, while there is always a space between the number and the set of letters

For registrations that do have an age identifier, the plate must only be assigned to a vehicle that is the same age or newer than the registration itself; for example you are not authorised to place a 14 plate reg on a 12 plate vehicle.

Your search for a personalised DVLA number plate can begin on our homepage, so have a browse and see if your ideal registration is available, and don’t forget to consider each style. If you’re unable to find the registration your desire, then contact our team today because we may be able to track it down for you, and then provide it to you at the lowest possible price.