Personalised Number Plate Wish List


To find you the best possible plate, we are now searching over 60,000,000 entries this could take upto 30 seconds.

Personalised Number Plate Wish List

Your Number Plate Wishlist

This wish list page is the home of all of the personalised number plates that interest you. Each number plate you find using our ‘Find a Number Plate’ search on the homepage can be added here when you click the ‘wishlist’ button. Just make note that your list may be disappear if you clear your browser history in the meantime.

Once you’ve formed your list you can weigh-up your decision and compare the plates that interest you. Then once you’ve made your decision just simply click buy, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also enquire about a selection or delete it from your wishlist, while number plates advertised on behalf of sellers will also include the ‘offer’ button.