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To find you the best possible plate, we are now searching over 60,000,000 entries this could take upto 30 seconds.

Buy a Personalised Number Plate

Purchasing a Private Number Plate

Private Number Plates aims to make the searching and buying processes as easy possible, and below we have an easy-to-follow guide explaining each step in detail. Our homepage is where the magic happens and here you can browse through more than 40 million personalised number plates, so there’s bound to be one out there that is suited to your requirements. For a quick overview of our buying process, follow our guide below.

Step 1:  Make a search using one of the search boxes on our homepage & enter your desired registration.

Step 2 : When you have found your ideal number plate and you’re happy with your choice just click the ‘buy’ button.

Step 3: You will now need to decide on the type of acrylic registration plate; possibly adding 3D letting, a flag and a border to your order.

Step 4: Once you’ve decided on your registration plate just fill out the secure online payment form and that’s it; we take care of the rest and your plates will soon be on their way.

If you’re unable to find the registration you desire using our private registration search tool, then you only need to contact us to find out more. Our team will put in the effort to track down your ideal number plate using our many contacts in the vehicle registration industry, and we will then aim to supply you with your ideal number plate at the best possible price.

Your customised registration plate may only be a quick search or a phone call away, and you can get in touch with Plate Holders by calling us today on 01952 581709 or alternatively you can contact us by email at