Where can I find out about Private Number Plates?


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Where can I find out about Private Number Plates?


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Latest FAQs

What happens to my present registration number?show

You can keep your existing registration if you wish. You will need to pay a fee to the Department of Transport in order to retain it, otherwise the registration will be void. Once all the documents have been recieved from the DVLA for your new number plate, the next step is to destroy the old ones.

What Happens to my current registration when I get a new plate?show

Your registration becomes invalid, unless of course you want to keep it, and this will mean paying the Department of Transport a fee. In most cases when you remove your new registration from a vehicle, the old reg is reissued. As soon as your new registration documentation is complete, you must dispose of your old plates and fit the new ones.

Why do some plates include VAT?show

This all depends on who owns the registration. Number plates that do not include VAT tend to be sold on behalf of a third party, and not by Private Number Plates.

Can anything be done if I change my mind after making payment before the reg transfer has been completed?show

Private Number Plates expects all agreements to be honoured; however, we can advertise your registration on our website for free once it has been transferred to your vehicle.

How long will it take for my registration transfer to go through?show

On average, the transfer usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Private Number Plates must first receive all of your required documents and the sooner we get these, the earlier we can start the process. Once the documents have been sent on to the Department of Transport, we’re unable to accept any responsibility for their security. 

What happens if I need to tax or MOT my vehicle while the transfer is being completed?show

You can simply send the tax fee to us with your insurance certificate or cover note and the completed tax disc application form (V10). Just make sure the form is completed using your vehicle’s old registration number. If your vehicle requires an MOT then you must acquire a valid certificate from a garage under the old registration number. You then need to send that to us with a note stating the new private plate you’re buying and we will have the MOT corrected when it is suitable. 

What are the restrictions when it comes to choosing an appropriate number plate?show

You’re not legally allowed to make your vehicle look newer than it is. For example you’re unable to put a ‘14 plate’ onto a ‘12 plate’ car. Every registration has an issue date, so it’s important to make sure you check this before purchasing a plate for your vehicle. You are also unable to add a private reg onto a ‘Q’ reg vehicle.

What does my vehicle require before I can transfer a number plate?show

Your vehicle requires either a valid MOT certificate and valid a tax disc, or to be taxed and MOT expired, or to be MOT expired with tax expired in the last 6 months.

How much has be paid to the Department of Transport?show

A vehicle to vehicle transfer will require a fee of £80, while £105 must be paid to place the reg on a retention certificate. This is then valid for a year and it can be renewed annually for £25.

What happens if I pass my vehicle on to a new keeper?show

You will not be allowed to display the mark on another vehicle. Every registration in the UK is legally owned by the government, so when you sell your vehicle with your registration assigned to it, then you will no longer own that registration and you will consequently have no control over it.

Can I buy a registration that has not been used on a vehicle before?show

Yes you can, you can add it to a V750 certificate, also known as a certificate of entitlement. This then means you can keep the registration on a certificate until you have an appropriate vehicle to add it to. This certificate can be renewed annually at the cost of £25 per year.

What’s the process for assigning my new reg to a vehicle?show

You will need to send your V5 registration document to your closest VRO (Vehicle Registration Office) along with your MOT certificate and your current tax disc (if applicable). You will then be sent back your tax disc, this time showing your new registration number, while any MOT certificate will be amended with the new mark. Following this, your V5 will be sent to the DVLA and returned to you with the new registration mark and then the process is complete.

Can I apply to put a vehicle in my name at the same time of the transfer?show

Yes and this is done by filling out the appropriate part of the V5. For example, if you have the green section from your logbook then fill it out and send it along with a completed V62 form.

What are the general documents required for a cherished transfer?show

The V5, the MOT certificate (if applicable) and the V317 form.

Can I add my number plate to a brand new vehicle?show

Yes but you will need to send the entitlement certificate to the car dealer, or alternatively we can request the V55 application form on your behalf, allowing you to to apply for the first registration.

My Certificate of Entitlement has expired, what next?show

These are not often very easy to renew once expired, but if the certificate is in your name then you can attempt to get it renewed by sending the DVLA a note with a good reason why it has expired. If the certificate is in the name of Private Number Plates, then you will need to send it to us with the note, but be conscious of the fact that we charge an administration fee of £50 and this does not include the standard renewal fee.

How do I know how much my reg is worth?show

Private Number Plates are always happy to help and you can call us on 01296 334400 or email us at sales@private-number-plates.co.uk and we’d be more than happy  to use our experience to provide you with a price that we feel your reg is worth.

My reg is ‘available’ on your website yet I have now sold it, what shall I do?show

Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to have it removed from our list. The sooner you tell us the better, and you will no longer receive any emails, calls and letters from our team in relation to your sold vehicle registration.