Private Number Plate Listings


To find you the best possible plate, we are now searching over 60,000,000 entries this could take upto 30 seconds.

Private Number Plate Listings

Featured Number Plate Listing Service

PNP has a special service that allows registration sellers to push their number plates to the top of our list for 3 keywords. When an individual searches for a registration using one of our sellers’ keywords then it will be guaranteed to be positioned in the top 3, while it will also be marked as a recommended plate. It’s a simple service and it only costs £25 + VAT for one year, and there are no hidden costs or extras.

Our example below shows the system in action. The search for JK03JON has resulted in our seller’s registration JK03JON being listed in the recommended plates section.

Here is an example below of what happens when your registration is assigned the keywords people are searching for.

The next registration shows where the registration plate would be listed if it didn’t have the 3 keywords added using the Featured Listing Service.

This service has proved to be very effective for our sellers, and it guarantees that their registration has the spotlight it requires for a faster sale.

If you’re interested in using our Featured Listing Service to get your personalised registration to the top of the pile, then get in touch with PNP today on 01952 581709