5 Going Green tips for taking care of your car


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5 Going Green tips for taking care of your car30-Jun-2015

5 ‘Going Green’ tips for taking care of your car

Even if you don’t own an electric or hybrid car, here are many ways in which you can ‘go green’ and reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the environment. Below you’ll find our top 5 tips for helping to make the environment cleaner:

  1. Correct tire inflation – Having the right tyre pressure is extremely important in terms of reducing fuel consumption. When your tyres are improperly inflated, damage is more common, while more fuel is used, and you should always inflate tyres to the correct psi in your manual.
  2. Stay in tune – Regular maintenance such as oil changes, water top ups and cleaning air filters can help you burn less fuel, and also prevent potentially expensive damage further down the line.
  3. Go easy on the accelerator – If you’re heavy footed on the accelerator you’ll need to brake sharper, which reduces your MPG. If you’re lighter on the accelerator you can anticipate what is coming quicker and keep the car rolling, which will improve your MPG.
  4. Keep your Car Empty – The less weight your car is carrying, the more efficient it will be, so if there are any unnecessary heavy items in your boot, make sure you remove them and travel light whenever possible.
  5. Leave the car at home – When possible, leave your car at home, there’s no greener way to travel. If you can walk, bike or use public transport on some occasions, do it! If that’s not possible, look into car-pooling or driving part of the way, such as using park and ride facilities in towns and cities.