Motorcyclists Speeding And Number Plates


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Motorcyclists Speeding And Number Plates15-Jul-2014

Number plates are great things: they identify your vehicle for you, you can get personalised ones to promote yourself or your business, and… well, they’re just generally useful, aren’t they? That is, until you get caught for doing something you shouldn’t be doing: say, speeding.

Speeding Motorcyclists

In Australia, there’s recently been some controversy about speeding motorcyclists; the group ‘The Victorian Motorcycle Riders Association’ is rejecting the notion that front number plates should be used on motorcycles. The idea is that front number plates will help to catch speeding motorcyclists, but the riders association isn’t so sure. They have been reminding people that front number plates were removed for safety reasons – around thirty years ago. This practice had then been adopted all over Australia and the world, so why change things now?

What would happen if front number plates were introduced? Well, for one thing, the warranties of many motorcycles could be voided: this is because the plates would actually interfere with the airflow to the engine, not to mention the overall aerodynamics of the bike. Safety would not be guaranteed, to say the least.

Motorcycle Statistics

If you want statistics, it’s been stated that 40% of motorcyclists that are caught speeding in Victoria get away with it – simply because their number plates haven’t been caught by the cameras properly, and therefore meaning that the picture can’t be processed. It’s also thought that motorcycle drivers are thirty times more likely to be involved in a motor accident compared with cars (or any other type of vehicle), mainly because of the tendency of motorcyclists to speed. And with 40% not getting captured, that’s a lot of riders getting away with speeding, but what can be done about it? After all, could these motorcyclists be speeding simply because they know they could get away with it? Is their driving more reckless because they don’t have a front number plate? Or would they still speed even if they were forced to sport two plates on their vehicle?

So what’s the solution? Well, instead of adding front number plates onto motorcycles, the association suggested installing speed cameras which captured both the front and rear views of the road – getting the number plates on the rear of motorcycles. Time will only tell if this option becomes a reality.