One Direction (1 DUK) number plate set to sell for £30k!


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One Direction (1 DUK) number plate set to sell for £30k!26-Jul-2015

The incredibly rare private number plate ‘1 DUK’ is off to auction next month, with the expectation of attracting bids of around £30,000!

But be that as it may, this number plate hasn’t recently come about. Originally from the 1960’s, it spent years belonging to a Ford Zephyr, a model that stopped being produced in the early 1970’s. Nick Davies, the Director of Fielding’s Auctioneers where the number plate is due to appear on July 4th, has hopes that the number plate will be the star of the show come auction day. “It took some time to realise the significance to One Direction fans.”

What may seem like a lot of money to pay, simply for a number plate is actually no money at all. Similar to ‘1 DUK’, the registration ‘1 D’ is listed as the 4th most expensive car number plate in the UK, given its slightly more obvious reference to the famous pop group. Sold in 2009, ‘1 D’ fetched a jaw-dropping £352,000 at auction, from a very devoted Lebanese Property Tycoon: Mr Nabil Bishara, later registering it to his wife’s Bentley as a surprise gift.

Further down the line include:

  • 25 O’, the most staggeringly pricey number plate to ever be sold at DVLA Auction by a Ferrari Dealer in 2014 to be placed on a Ferrari 250SWB once owned by Eric Clapton. - £518,000.
  • F 1’ was bought by Bradford Businessman Afzal Khan in 2008 for a respectable £440,000, and later registered to his Bugatti Veyron. Despite costing only £440,000 for Mr Khan, the initials of Formula 1 are currently on sale for £10million. It’s also been brought to light that Mr Khan has previously rejected offers of around £8.5million from potential buyers in the Middle East.
  • VIP 1’ is currently owned by Chelsea FC’s billionaire boss Roman Abramovich, having once taken pride of place on the PopeMobile for His Holiness’ visit to Ireland. It’s said that Abramovich bought this plate for a then-record £285,000… not much from his estimated £10.8billion net worth!