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Selling your plate with us19-Jun-2014

Personalised number plates are more popular than ever before – they’re not as pricey as they once were, they’re great for gifts and they’re a creative way of making your car stand out from the crowd. If you buy a particularly unique plate, they can also be a very good investment opportunity. But what happens when you want to sell your personalised plates?

There are a few things to consider when trying to sell a plate – here are the main ones:

Can I Sell My Plate?

Not all number plates can be sold, so it’s vital that you check before making any plans. Basically, in order to sell, the vehicle should be in your name, you should ensure that the tax and MOT are 1f40 up to date on the car, and you should check in case your vehicle’s registration number is marked as ‘non-transferrable’.

Where Can I Sell It?

There are several options available – look online at many of the number plate websites, or take a look in local and national publications to find a dealer near you.

How Much Should I Sell My Plate For?

The answer to this question varies depending on your plate, but you should get a range of different valuations before deciding on a price.

How Long Will It Take?

This varies as well, and it will often depend on how unique or sought-after your plate is. Also, if your registration is very specific to you – for example, including your initials and birth date – it may take longer to find someone who requires a plate with that combination of letters and numbers. If there are similar plates to yours on sale, compare the prices and decide on a competitive price for your own. If you do price your plates highly, it will likely take much longer to find a buyer. Generally, it can take months to sell your plates, so be patient.

Can I Leave The Registration On My Car While Looking For A Buyer?

You can leave the number plate on your car while waiting for it to sell, or you can put the registration number on a V778 Retention Document. This will speed up the selling process when you do find a buyer.

Once I’ve Sold My Personalised Registration, Do I Need To Get Another One?

If you don’t want to get another personalised plate after selling your current registration, the DVLA will issue you with a new number when transferring your registration to another car or V778 Retention Document. The new registration won’t be the original registration number of the car, but it will reflect the age of your vehicle.

Whether you’re interested in buying number plates or selling number plates – personalised registrations, cherished number plates or DVLA plates – a specialist website like PNP can help. As they’re experts when it comes to registrations and number plates of all kinds, they’ll be able to give you advice on any aspect of buying, selling, and transferring plates, as well as offering a wide range of personalised number plates – available for any budget. Whatever you do, you can find the terms and conditions for a wide range of vehicle processes on the official DVLA website.