Why Do People Choose To Buy Private Number Plates?


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Why Do People Choose To Buy Private Number Plates?21-Jul-2014

Personalised number plates are becoming extremely popular at the moment. No longer are they just for the rich and famous; a wide range of plates with a wide range of budgets means that pretty much anyone can afford one these days (the value of the plate relies on several factors, but budget private number plates are available for under £100). So why do people decide to get a personalised plate over a normal DVLA plate? Here are just a few of the reasons.

It makes your car unique

With so many cars on the road, a furry steering-wheel cover and some dice dangling from the mirror can only do so much to accessorise your vehicle. A personalised number plate will mean that your car is the only car of that kind on the road – and you’ll always be able to spot your own vehicle (especially if the number plate is incredibly unique to you).

You can stand out from the crowd

People notice personalised plates. Whether they’re in the car behind you or walking along the pavement, an interesting private registration will turn heads. If it’s a combination of letters and numbers that requires some deciphering, you could also be helping out some bored drivers or pedestrians at the same time.

It’s a great promotional tool

Personalised number plates aren’t just useful as a great accessory; they can also work really well as promotional tools. Whether you want to promote your career, your business, or just your wonderful self, a private registration that reflects you and your work is a great investment for the future. Use your initials or the initials of your company, or try and create a word that tells the world about what you do (for example, Paul Daniels owned the plate ‘MAG 1C’). Get creative, and a private number plate could be the best promotional item you ever buy.

It allows you to treat yourself

A lot of people spend a huge amount of money on their cars: buying them in the first place, road tax, petrol, insurance, MOTs, repairs, accessories, and much more. Why not treat yourself – and your car – and spend some money (it doesn’t have to be much), on something that will last and will really mean something to you. Cherished number plates can include a date such as a birthday or anniversary that has sentimental memories attached; something you’ll be reminded of whenever you see your car with its new registration.

You can get it as a present for ‘the person who has everything’

It also works as a way of treating others, especially that friend or family member for whom you never know what to buy. Get them something meaningful, or use their initials or nickname to make it truly personal to them. Just don’t use a nickname they hate – they’ll have to drive around with it on their car for years!